Choosing the appropriate company to install and maintain your roof is one of the most important decisions for your home's protection, efficiency and value. Midtown Roofing continues to deliver excellent service, superior product selection and integration.

Your new roof will make a critical difference in the way that your home is protected from hazardous weather. Just as important, your roof is a crucial factor in determining how efficiently your home conserves energy, from the prevention of heat penetration to your attic's proper air ventilation.

“We just want to say thanks again for being so thorough! You took care of everything for us, even our crazy insurance headaches!” - Brown Family, McKinney

Going Green - Without Spending Too Much Green!

Midtown Roofing can help you dramatically lower your home's energy usage! There's not a better opportunity to integrate an energy efficient heat barrier system than during installation. Heat barrier systems will vary by industry. We incorporate specific products that have been proven to be extremely effective and remain easily affordable! The response has been incredible!

“It's been about 100 degrees outside and there has been times when I've actually had to turn off my air conditioning! Too cold in the summer! Crazy!- The Mullens, Flower Mound

Product Reliability - Leftovers, Anyone?

Midtown's complete roof systems earn the highest acclamations. Many other companies may make product choices based on manufacturer kickbacks from suppliers. Unfortunately, shady contractors and storm chaser roofing companies have a reputation of cutting corners by using 'seconds', 'irregular' or 'left over' material to maximize their profits. Materials of these sorts can be from different lots at different times, frequently resulting in unpleasing color changes. These products are not as likely to last and also may be void of any warranty, even when installed to manufacturer specifications.

Midtown Roofing uses proven products based on consistent reliability and demonstrated warranty support. We only purchase manufacturer' firsts, making certain our suppliers guarantee each project order. Midtown provides a wide selection of beautiful, reliable products.

“I feel great knowing I didn't use some ‘fly-by-night’ roofing company! Thanks again for all the personal attention!- J. O'Brien , Ft. Worth

Product Choices - Sifting Through Differences

There are many different product lines in the roofing industry today. Choosing products that are best suited for the project can be an intimidating step for homeowners. Midtown Roofing prefers certain materials that have proven themselves from installation to harsh weather.

Not all Class 4, hail resistant shingles are the same. Most of these shingles do not earn their Class 4 rating in real life hail storms. They are actually factory tested using perfectly round steel balls, being dropped from minimal heights. Even careful handling during installation can greatly mar appearance, life span and performance. Experience has shown that the application one 'hail resistant' product has the tendency to result in a damaged appearance during proper installation.

There are many different options to consider before beginning your roofing project. Midtown can help smooth your decision process.

The product selection process generally involves questions about:

  • Strength Ratings vs. Real Reliability
  • Material Warranty
  • Leak Proofing Ability
  • Color Variations & Aesthetic Patterns
  • Shingles, Tile, Metal, Wood Shakes
  • Material Weight vs. Roof Load Bearing Ability
  • Cost of Upgrades
  • City Code Restrictions
  • Home Owner Association Restrictions

Midtown Roofing will strive to answer any of your questions and give you the best roof possible for your money!

"Our goal is to provide simple solutions that will exceed the homeowner's expectations." - Ryan Warrum, Midtown Roofing

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